Colorful Orchids Post 04

Colorful Orchids Post 04

Binh Duong fresh flower is now one of the famous suppliers of orchids in Binh Duong province. Multicolored orchid orchid pots are one of the most representative products of the brand of Binh Duong fresh flowers. Customers wishing to buy multi-color message orchid pots as congratulatory gifts or buy multi-color message orchid pots on display at home or company offices, shops, hotel restaurants please contact with Binh Duong Fresh Flower. Any need for multi-color orchid plants will be met immediately. Thank you very much and honored to serve you. Website:

Code: Lan Hồ Điệp Đủ Màu Bình Dương 04

Original Price: 2,100,000 vnđ

Promotion Price: 1,750,000 vnđ

  • Product detail
  • Binh Duong Lake Phalaenopsis orchids are assembled by 07 multicolored orchids
    Orchid pots are often used to design flowers as ceramic pots or wooden pots
    Products of Binh Duong Lake orchid flower pots design pots with multicolored tones
    Deliver the lake orchid flower pots in Binh Duong for free at your request.
    Many colorful Binh Duong orchid flower pots are luxurious and sophisticated
    Binh Duong's many color orchid flower pots reach high quality in art.
    Product information and prices of multicolored orchid flowerpots in Binh Duong
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